Wix Website Builder 2020 Review

The free website builder WiX offers a limited free account, which allows you to build and design websites using their templates and top grade hosting for free, but you can upgrade to one of their premium packages that range from $4 to $16.17 per month with yearly plans. Another option is the month to month plan, ranging from $6.90 to $19.60 per month. Using pure HTML5, the online WiX editor web builder includes many tools and features that give you options when creating your template-based website. Create an online account in just minutes and you can be on your way to creating impressive websites for free or for as little as $48 a year with an annual rate. WiX is a perfect tool for owners/operators might want to use it for their small to medium sized businesses, and it is a great tool if you are a web developer/designer and want to present mock-ups to potential clients. This piece will review the features, show quick steps to creating a new site, list offerings for each package, and give samples of sites that are currently built and hosted on WiX


Even with the free plan, you can create, design, and host web pages using WiX templates and features. The WiX Editor allows you to organize your pages, design backgrounds, fonts, and color; add in text for headers and paragraphs; and include media such as images, videos, and clip art, or your own images. Shapes, lines, and any graphic can be uploaded to your image repository and used for any website project. The WiX editor also includes:

  • buttons, menus, and social networking icons
  • linking
  • an apps builder, including contact forms
  • ability to add in your own HTML code or even a Google event calendar.

The list builder automatically creates an ordered or unordered list using preset or custom icons for numbers and bullets. All the WiX templates are designed for mobile views with the flip of a switch to turn on the mobile action bar from the settings menu item.

A list of WiX features is included below:

  • Hundreds of customizable template designs
  • Free, secure, dedicated hosting
  • Drag-and-Drop editor
  • Support line open 24/7
  • WiX app market offers popular brands and services
  • eBusiness online store capability
  • Social networking integration
  • Free content including images, fonts, menus, and music

First steps to creating a new site

1. Make sure you are on the WiX “My Account” page.

2. Click the + Create a new site link.


3. On the next page you can choose from a list of hundreds of templates, organized by category, including blank, popular, new, business type, music, entertainment, and more. You can preview any template or go straight into edit mode.

4. Select your template, and then click the Edit button to go into the WiX Editor panel. I’ve selected “The Bakery” template. The WiX Editor will load, and then you will be placed into the home page of the preset template.

5. The WiX Editor includes the easy-to-use tools on the left side bar including the Pages, Design, Add, Settings, and App Market buttons.

6. WiX will remind you to save your work the first time with the pop-up screen as shown below. Select any name you want to for the site you are building, but remember to save often during editing to ensure you work is preserved.


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