Why Comedians Teach You a Powerful Blogging Lesson


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Seem to bedevil you, right?

I am kinda efficient and still gets sidetracked sometimes.

The key is to have protocols in place to deal with distractions, because these little rascals pull you from work, promote failure and feed blogging struggles.

Per example; I love my cats. But for some odd reason, rather than get my attention at 5 PM when I feed them, the 3 start bugging me anytime between noon and 2, literally, for up to 5 hours. Perhaps boredom sets in. Or maybe they just want to get beloved wet food earlier.

I learned how this tendency seems cute until you have 3 cats rubbing your legs and meowing at you on and off for hours. Not cool. The kitties distract me from my blogging work day and eat into my efficiency. I did find a workaround though and will share via tip #1.

1: Set Up a Quiet and Peaceful Work Environment


I found a kitty workaround to reduce feline distractions.

I find a quiet room, shoo out cats, and get to work. Zero distractions. Quiet, peaceful, serene, I am in complete flow. Easy peasy.

But I had to choose to make this move to release the distractions pulling away from my work.

I cannot stress enough how working in peace, quiet and calm is the simple way to get things done and to reduce any thing or any one who pulls you away from your work. Be generous with yourself by investing in a quiet, peaceful home office setting. This is a simple way to plow through blogging work from an effective energy.

2: Meditate

I just checked my email inbox. 2 emails. Cool. After responding in literally 7 seconds I moved on to finishing this post. Why? Checking email does not promote my blogging success. Writing and publishing blog posts on other blogs and on my blog increases my exposure in a major league way, so, naturally, I do what grows things and cease doing what does not grow things.

Meditating is one simple way to be aware of your feelings so you can not be influenced by fear. Many people have a heavy attachment to email. Due to fear. I do not. I clearly built my blog on passive income particularly to avoid the fear-based distraction-attachment of checking email 100 times or more daily. If you are everywhere, and genuinely set an intent to desire passive income, you need to feel and release the fear of “should I check my email?”, 10 or 50 or 100 times daily, versus cowering to the fear and checking email.

Find a quiet spot. Observe your breathing. Feel your fear. Feel your joy. Release the feelings without getting attached to these energies. This is the easiest way to become skilled in mastering your mind. No way you can become a mind master until you become aware of your thoughts and feelings because if your feelings rule you – through lack of awareness – you become a slave to your fears.

3: Dream Big Dreams and NEVER Play Small

People who play small get distracted by the bull crap news, gossip, small talk, politics, weather and sports. Someone talks a big blogging game but 3 hours of Knicks highlights on YouTube later, the afternoon just vanished into thin air. On the flip side you see bloggers who never seem to be distracted at all. What gives? Why do some people seem to be distracted easily, while others focus and get the job done.

Bloggers who dream big rarely get distracted because high energy, focused people who are being the dream seekers just ignore any small, trivial, silly distractions. Think of it this way; if you dreamed of making a billion dollars and you begin being that person who makes a billion dollars, would a Bigfoot chain of videos on YouTube distract you for 2 hours? No. Jeff Bezos does not get distracted by memes on Facebook. He has been being this billionaire since the 90’s, well before he became worth $150 billion USD.

Dream big. Distractions dissolve. Only small-minded, low-aiming humans in survival mode find themselves getting distracted left and right, not unlike a moth being pulled into a flame, leading to the moth death, and the death of your happiness and joy.


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