Top 5 SEO techniques that you need to focus on

With all the other parts, SEO is considered to be very important for ranking on the search engine of google. This is nothing but a technique on how you can completely optimize the search engine to rank on the top of the google page. If you are also looking for some effective seo techniques then we will help you out, continue reading to know more.

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High Quality Content – Content is the most essential part of SEO that you have to concentrate on. High quality content is one of the best tricks to rank your webpage on the top of the search engine result page. Make sure to have a material that comes with no copy right issues and purely original. The quality of the content is one important thing not to be ignored.

Meta Title & Description – One of the simplest tricks that you have to concentrate on is the Meta title and Meta Description of the content you have written but to make sure that title doesn’t cross more than 60 word and description more than 160 word. This will help the viewers to understand on what your article is all about.

Headings & Content format – Content Formation is also on the most important seo techniques that you will have to pay attention on. Always make sure have your content structured in a right way of organizing the information. Divide your content in to heading points and don’t forget to add heading tags for the same, also, you can break them into other points.

Page Loading Speed – One more important point to keep in mind for ranking your site it has to be super-fast that is your site needs to have a high loading speed for your page. The loading speed for your web page will help you to rank quickly on the SERP of google plus it will decrease the bounce rate, too.

Mobile Friendliness – Another important point to keep in focus is that your site has to be mobile friendly. According to one of the algorithms by google it is essential to consider that mobile friendliness will also affect your raking on google because in today’s time, around 60% of the people browse from mobiles.

These are some of the finest seo techniques and most important one too that you have to focus on. Now you will know on how to rank you site on the top without spending a single amount.


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