SiteGround Web Hosting Features

SiteGround Web Hosting is a network which provides services to shared hosting, Cloud hosting, dedicated servers with the email domain and domain registration. So, SiteGround works with open source tools like Joomla, WordPress, Magento and many others. SiteGround addresses all the issues regarding web hosting and has quality when it comes to storage, Virtual Private Server, Windows server. Also, provides quality web hosting service for individuals and businesses.  SiteGround is known for the best 24/7 support and mainly recommended by the WordPress hosting provider. Overall, SiteGround Web Hosting is faster, applicable than the other Web hosting Providers. Below are the features of SiteGround Web Hosting.

Ultra-fast Sites

Site speed can help the search engine and website’s conversion rates better than other web hosting providers because site speed is important factors to be considered for the success and want to business to grow. So, for these reasons developing and providing technologies can make the sites to run faster. SiteGround has the latest SSD disks and regular hardware updates. Also, static cache enabled and free CDN options available for all sites

Top Notch Security

Security must be the topmost priority when it comes to protecting the sites from malicious code and hack attacks that can affect the traffic and credibility. In SiteGround web Hosting, they maintain a firewall like WAF which helps in writing new security rules. Because every year they add many custom rules which stop from unidentified applications vulnerabilities. With all these keeping in mind, they have developed a unique solution like AI anti-bot system which can block millions of security threats every day. The most important feature is that SiteGround is the only hosting provider to give free SSL certificate to every site and has multiple software solutions at the server like PHP optimization through the OPCache extension.

Managed WordPress service

WordPress is commonly used applications among the website builders for small and medium-size businesses with personal pages and online portfolios. So, building and managing WordPress is very easy for individuals. In SiteGround Web hosting, WordPress has custom-built website starter and Migrator plugins which can help to create or migrate a website. They also take security and software updates of WordPress. Even they are upgraded to higher plans for using the special WordPress solutions and advanced tools for extra performance and convenience.

Easy Site Management

Sometimes building and managing a website can be tricky for individuals. So SiteGround provides a wide range of 1-click tools and solutions for tasks that webmasters can perform regularly on website and server. SiteGround is very convenient in the client areas for accessing the tools and services for the hosting account. Even SiteGround provides time-saving auto-install solutions which help to install multiple applications like Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop. Also, SiteGround has got a powerful control panel which has tons of tools for uploading files server, create databases, emails and DNS zone.

These are the features can be considered for the SiteGround Web Hosting. Hope that I have all the topics in my article about SiteGround Web Hosting features. Thanks for reading!



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