Impact of Social Media on your Business

Now a days, you can find everything and anything on internet let it be shopping sites, dance tutorials, food recipes, shows, movies, events, connecting to people and what not. This is one of reason why digital marketing is in so much of demand. Internet is like another world where everyone is present, and you can connect to them easily and have also become one commercial platform where you can reach your right customers in a cost-effective manner and gain more profits. One part of internet marketing is Social Media Marketing also known as SMM. A small firm or a big business company, a small food stall or a luxurious hotel, everyone starts thorough social media. So here we have a list of the best social media platforms for your business.


Facebook also called as the king of social media is one of the best platforms to start your business with. They have more than 2.2 billion of active users and is the largest social media platform with the best demographics you can ever have for your marketing. Advertising over here is easy because of the best options you get for your targeting customers. You can also connect to your leads through messenger.

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Though launched recently, Instagram has grown rapidly in these few years with more than 250 million users. They also have some amazing options of live video and uploading stories which helps in engaging more audiences. You can grow your business very quickly if you know the best time post instagram. So, the best time post instagram is around 7 A.M to 9 A.M and 2 P.M to 4 P.M.

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 Twitter is one of the best options if you want to viral your post and want to be aware on the trendiest topics and news. Compared to other social media platforms Twitter is little complicated and tricky. On average they have more than 328 million users and over 500 million tweets per day. The biggest advantage of this platform is that the mentions and hashtags help you know on the trendy topics going on this world.

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Thus, social media marketing is one the best way to start marketing as it helps you increasing brand awareness and website traffic. It also helps you in reaching the specific audience and can connect to your customers easily. So, SMM is always a preferred marketing strategy and indeed the best one for all type of business. Hope you have found this article useful and informative and stay connected to know more about online marketing.

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