FatCow Web Hosting 2022

When looking for web hosting, it’s wise to choose a provider that has been around for a while. In the world of long-running web hosting providers, FatCow is a major standout. Funny name aside, this company has been providing solid, affordable, reliable web hosting since 1998, so it’s safe to say that it’s doing something right. Most notably, FatCow manages to offer low-cost hosting that includes a truly impressive array of features, so you never have to compromise. FatCow is also known for its exceptional customer support, eco-friendly hosting and superior uptime percentages.


If you’re looking for a web hosting provider that offers several different hosting plans, you may be tempted to dismiss FatCow right off the bat. The company only offers a single hosting plan, and it’s easy to assume that it’s going to be a bare-bones affair. Fortunately, though, that’s not the case at all. The Original FatCow Plan includes more than enough for the vast majority of small and medium business websites, and it’s available for just $49 per year.

FatCow makes up for the fact that it only offers one plan by offering a number of add-on services. Basic e-commerce capabilities are included with the basic plan, for instance, but you can take your pick from several more advanced e-commerce features for very affordable monthly rates. From SSL certificates to credit card processing via PayPal, you can easily access the features and services you need without breaking the bank.


Put simply, the Original FatCow Plan includes everything you need to create a site, maintain and update it and market it. It all starts with the point-and-click site building tools that are included with the basic plan. You don’t have to know a single line of code to get a new site off the ground, and you enjoy complete control. FatCow uses the vDeck control panel, which is prized for its user-friendly design.

The Original FatCow Plan includes what the company describes as “oodles” of bandwidth and disk space. What does that mean? Basically, it means you have unlimited space and bandwidth. However, the company reserves the right to enforce limits under certain, very rare circumstances.

The plan also includes unlimited POP mailboxes, which is nice for businesses that want to assign unique email addresses to employees. After building your site with the handy on-board tools, you can enhance it by availing yourself of the many application installation wizards. These wizards allow you to quickly and easily add cool features and great functionality to your site.

With the Original FatCow Plan, you will also enjoy around-the-clock access to powerful web analytics that allow you to monitor the progress of your site.


Like any site owner, you’re going to want yours to stay online and available at all times. Some hosting providers are unwilling to make any guarantees regarding uptime, but that’s not the case with FatCow. The company boasts an incredible 99.9-percent uptime rate and backs it up with a guarantee. What’s more is that you will have 30 days after signing up for the Original FatCow Plan to change your mind for a full refund. However, most people are beyond thrilled with what they get by signing up for FatCow hosting, so very few of them end up making use of the guarantee.



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