FastComet Web Hosting – Details, Pricing, and Features

Are you looking for reliable web hosting?

Well, if you have been, then FastComet would be a great option!

They provide some of the best web hosting services that are available nowadays.

One of the most loveable things about FastComet is that they have web hosting plans that can cater to everyone’s needs.

For example, they have a cheap shared web hosting plans that would be the perfect fit for beginners or even for people who have quite a bit of experience. On the other hand, they have Dedicated Hosting and VPS cloud hosting that would be a great option for experienced webmasters or business!

Let’s dive deep into the plans and features of FastComet hosting.

FastComet Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared Web Hosting

There are three shared web hosting plans, which are FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra.

Here’s a brief description of these Hosting plans.

Fast Cloud

The most basic plan available with FastComet, and it can be availed by paying just $3.95 per month. As I mentioned earlier, this plan is best suited for beginners that have ventured into website building.

This plan also features a site builder, which makes it all the easier for beginners to build their website.

The features are not that great as this plan has just one free website, 15GB SSD storage, and you can entertain 25k visitors per month on your website.

And besides this, you will also receive a website started kit that also has quite a few more features as well.

Fast cloud Plus

This plan has been priced at $5.95 per month, and the website can handle up to 50k visitors every month.

This plan comes along with features like a free SSL certificate, daily backup, and 25GB SSD storage, and also all the features that are available in the previous plan.

This plan is also best suited for beginners, but intermediate webmasters can also choose this plan.

Fast cloud Extra

This is the best-shared web hosting plan available with FastComet. This plan is available at $7.95 per month and includes features such as daily backup that is available absolutely for free.

The user is also provided with free SSL certificates to ensure the proper security of the visitors on the website.

With this plan, you can get 35GB SSD storage and can easily be able to receive a traffic of 100k visitors per month.

This plan is best suited for expert webmasters as their site receives quite a lot of traffic.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

These are the most expensive plans that are available with FastComet. There are basically three plans, and those are DS 1, DS 2, DS 3, and DS 4.

DS 1

This plan basically has all the basic features of dedicated servers. Some of those are 2x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 80GB SSD space, 4 TB Bandwidth, 4GB RAM.

Now, there are other features as well, such as cPanel, Softaculous and WHM, and also a 4000 Mbps Network Out.

This plan has been priced at $111.19 per month.

DS 2

The features of this plan are 4x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 160 GB SSD space, 5 TB Bandwidth, 8GB RAM.

This one, too, comes with other features such as cPanel, Softaculous, and WHM and also a 5000 Mbps Network Out.

This plan has been priced at $135.19 per month.

DS 3

This plan comes with features such as 8x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 320 GB SSD space, 6 TB Bandwidth, 16 GB RAM.

cPanel, Softaculous, and WHM and also a 6000 Mbps Network Out are among some of the other features of this plan.

This plan has been priced at $183.19 per month.

DS 4

The DS 4 has features such as 16x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 640 GB SSD space, 7 TB Bandwidth, 32 GB RAM. And like the other plans, this too has features such as cPanel, Softaculous, and WHM and also a 4000 Mbps Network Out.

This plan has been priced at $279.19 per month.

Cloud VPS Hosting

The Cloud VPS hosting plans might not be as great as the dedicated hosting plans, but they are also among the best plans available with FastComet.

Just like the dedicated plans, there are four cloud hosting plans, and those are

Cloud 1

This would cost you around $44.95 per month, and it comes along with features like 50GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, and 2TB Bandwidth.

There are also features like free SSL certificate, website migration, and free daily backup.

Cloud 2

This one is priced at $52.45 per month, which provides you with features like 4GB RAM and 80GB SSD storage. A free SSL certificate, daily backup facility as well as 4TB Bandwidth are also part of this plan.

Cloud 3

The Cloud 3 plan can be availed at $67.45 per month and has features such as 160GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM along with 5TB Bandwidth.

Cloud 4

This is the best Cloud VPS hosting plan, and it costs $104.95 per month. This has features such as 320GB SSD storage and 16GB RAM along with 8TB Bandwidth per month.

Apart from these hosting, FastComet also has WordPress Hosting plans and WooCommerce hosting plans.

Now, let’s talk about the features of FastComet Web hosting.

Features of FastComet

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates, as you know it, are very important for a website. They ensure the safety of the user information, and since it has such a significant role, the price of SSL’s is quite high.

FastComet, on the other hand, provides this free of cost.

So, any plan that you purchase from FastComet will come with these.


Backups play a very important role in the life of a website.

They are like the failsafe; in case the website gets hacked or is taken down by malware.

Unlike other web hosts, who charge a lot of money, FastComet offers daily backups for free.


The Control panel from cPanel is the best control panel that is available nowadays.

The reason behind that is the fact that it is easy to use, and newcomers or beginners can use this without facing any kind of issue.

This cPanel is available for free with all the plans of FastComet.


Support is what matters the most when it comes to a web host.

If your technical issues are not solved within a moment’s notice, then you end up losing quite a lot of traffic.

FastComet has a superb support team that is available 24/7 and can be reached via email and phone call. You can also raise a ticket, or you can use the knowledgebase that is provided by them.


FastComet’s plans come with quite a lot of features, and they are quite cheap. Even the dedicated hosting and VPS cloud hosting plans are reasonably priced.

So, if you are twiddling your thumbs about whether to choose this web host or not, then stop that and get started!
This is a great option for beginners and even expert webmasters.


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