Do You Have an Exit Plan for Your Blog?

No matter what appears to be happening, if you create from a calm, confident, detached, generous, trusting energy, it IS working.

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Do you know how many times I bailed on a proven strategy when I looked at my results, felt fear, and panicked? More than I care to admit. I struggled quite a bit for years because I stopped doing what worked, because I did not believe it worked. But I learned the invaluable lesson of being detached, trusting the process and being with emotions of fear, scarcity and terror when you appear to be losing metrics. Or, when nothing appears to be happening.

I get it guys. Sitting with fear ain’t easy. But you need to do it to remain true to the blogging process. You need to stick to a sound, proven, simple system for a sustained period from a relaxed, detached energy, even when numbers on your WordPress backoffice or bank account suggest you lost everything or you are losing everything.

This is not a pleasant experience for most human beings. Unless you are enlightened, you likely do not enjoy feeling like you lost it all because you put stock in things, in outcomes. But the upside of such an experience far outweighs unpleasant emotions. You free yourself of attachments and remain true to a proven, sound, solid system that IS working even if it does not appear to be working.

You need to be present with the panic, feel it, and not act on it, to remain the course. Have faith in yourself. Believe in your abilities. Honor your intuition above all else. Be present with your emotions. But at the end of the day, trust in yourself, trust in the blogging process, and trust the experiences of successful bloggers before you who offer sound blogging advice.

Simple and Sometimes Scary

Creating helpful content and making connections feels simple, and sometimes, scary. You publish content. You make bonds. Cool. But you need to feel scary feelings arising if you create and connect for 1 month, 3 years or 12 years, and you seem to have run into resistance with outcomes, metrics or stats.

Maybe your email list disappears. Or your blog gets hacked. Stuff happens sometimes. How you embrace the resistance – knowing that success is still yours, and that everything and every event works for you – dictates where you are headed.

Go Easy

I keep going for sure, but every day teaches me to go easier, to be relaxed, to help people, and to be pulled through my experiences. I am letting go the habit of pushing myself, or even trying much. I know deep down how everything is working. Plus I have lived a cool life as it is. Everything has been working and continues to be working, and I keep this idea at the front of my mind as everything proceeds in my life.

Do Not Panic for Numbers on a Screen

Sounds strange, right? Some bloggers feel good, generous and confident working some strategy. All appears good. But after observing flailing stats – perhaps traffic and profits related – bloggers panic, instantly feel bad, stingy and doubt-filled, bail on the proven strategy, and fail. Like, you follow good advice, from an abundant energy, but at the end of 1 month you see zero blogging profits through your Amazon payments, course payments and sponsored post payments, and everything vanishes. You stop doing what works and stop feeling good because you believe it does not work, based on numbers outside of you.


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