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What Is Snap Chat Streak
We know that snapchat is a social network in the world, where people send direct snaps back and forth with a friend for several consecutive days. snap chat is that kind of app, where its rewards longer streaks with special types of emojis, like 100 emoji for streak lasting 100 days, and one more emoji, you can say mountain emoji for an extremely long streak.
What Do You Mean By Snapchat

You can say in simple word of snapchat , is pink hearts its indicate to BFs with each other for two months straight, Dedication- Baby it means you become friends with this person, Face with sunglass- its means if you have the best friends then its shows like one of your best friends is one of their best friends, simple friend of this app if you want to send snaps to your friend, you can send easily, you can send a lot of snaps, who send a lot of snaps to.this app is the best app for sending a snap.
What Is Streak HMU
Streak hmu means it’s kind of an online acronym for you can say “Hit Me Up”, generally it’s used to send messages, connect with people, you can call also, and different kinds of the version of reaching them to follow up on this.
About Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most famous social network channels, especially for adults.if you are using this app, then all you need to know about the snapchatn emojis, it is one of the best features where you and your friend can talk with each other, if you want then you can send each other snap, whatever you guys chat with each other, you can send snapchat to other users. There are so many kinds of emoji, like baby face emoji, smile emoji, grimace emoji, sunglasses emoji, smirk emoji and more.
Babyface Emoji

In this emoji, you can see this snapchat emoji on your friend list.
Smile Emoji
Smile emoji means it indicates the user is one of your best friends.
Grimace Emoji
Grimace emoji is one of the best emoji on snapchat, it means you can share your emoji with your best friends.


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