6 Ways Teachers and Education Bloggers Can Use Summer Break Productively

Every wildly successful blogger generously helps people sans attachment to outcomes, to become wildly successful.

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No blogger avoided or evaded this simple law of life.

If you desire large amounts of money, help people freely with no focus on getting money out of them. Observe increased exposure, more joy, more detachment, and greater profits, slowly but steadily flowing to you.

I recall reading how Phil Knight, Nike founder and sports icon, one of the most influential people in sports, ever, drove to track and field events and sold shoes from the back of his station wagon. He did not receive billions of dollars to do this. Considering his time, energy and money investment, I guarantee he ate money during those days from the appearance of loss. But now he is a billionaire and changed sports wear and sports. Knight did what he did to benefit people and thought little of what was in it for him.

Ditto for James Patterson. I read how the world famous author gave away his novels for free. Now he has sold over 250,000,000 novels. Staggering success found him because he was not largely concerned with what was in it for him. He focused on entertaining people, acted abundantly and became famous and wealthy.

Josh Grisham, another iconic author, and someone whose novels became popular movies, wrote for 5-10 minutes at a clip sometimes before he went to his busy job as a lawyer. What was in it for him? Joy, and, hopefully inspiring others down the road. Money was not in the writing because he busted his tail as a lawyer for 10 to 12 or more hours daily to make his dough, at that time.

Abundant Thinking and Acting Precedes Greatness

I am well over 800 guest posts on Blogging Tips. I have not made hundreds of millions of dollars yet. But I live a cool life and of course, I would not be surprised if I did make hundreds of millions of dollars. I think and act abundantly, give little thought to outcomes, rarely think “What’s in it for me?”, focus on how I can help, inspire and uplift other people, and here I am. Guest post 806, on Blogging Tips alone, and I will spend the rest of my day helping people.

My success is borne of abundance. My success is borne of thinking how I can help others, versus, what’s in it for me.

Think abundance. Feel you are covered, or, taken care of. I did not check my email, my metrics or my stats yet at 11:31 AM on this Sunday morning. I wrote a post on my blog, this post, recorded and uploaded a video, and may check email in a bit. But even then, as I check, I am cultivating a more abundant, whole and complete vibe, so I care less about what I get because I always feel like I am getting, being more grateful.

Does that make sense?

Being grateful for your life moves the focus from what you can get through blogging to how you can help people through blogging. Note this predominant shift from fear to love. Billionaires think this way. Happy, successful bloggers feel this way. Happy, wealthy people in all walks of life feel this way. Everybody else looks for work, devoting much of their attention, energy and time to taking care of their own needs, and never giving much thought to serving people outside of their friends and family.

Why Career Crippling?

Focusing on what’s in it for you closes you off from all the profitable, prospering, abundant opportunities that lead to success. Being stingy reduces your exposure to nil, guaranteeing blogging failure. Holding back mirrors back no profits and little or no traffic, reflecting your vibe back to you.

Being generous, detached and abundant in all you do offers you massive exposure, money, traffic and happiness….over time.


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